Spring Regency, the begninning!

Little bit of post-crossposting to kick off my blog, so things that are future tense actually already happened!

May 18th there’s a Regency Ball celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice to which I’m going. Nervous about the dancing bit, but lots of lovely ladies in Regency wear?


Naturally I wanted to make something new, so I bought this saree but when it came it was quite a bit lighter and also the stripes weren’t variegated. I had planned on pairing it with a blue, maybe like a dark royal blue or something a bit peacocky. Anyway, with the colour it actually was I couldn’t think of a good blue to pair with it. I thought a pale yellow or a pale pink would do well with it, but since I really don’t care for yellow, pink it was.

So at my local Super Joann there’s this muslin that’s suuper fine and see through and floaty and makes me think of Regency right away.


I didn’t go to the Super Joann. I went to another because it was on my way somewhere on a Friday night and I really wanted to get started that weekend. I bought the finest muslin I could find, thinking I had misremembered the fabric, and some light pink RIT dye. Several weeks later while at my Super Joann I found that I hadn’t misremembered, the other Joann just didn’t have it and boo I was already way too far along to start over. Boo impatience.

Anyway, I wanted a suuuuper pale pink, so I did like… 1/8th of the recommended amount of dye. It turned out pretty bright 8D I don’t even know.

Right so! My inspiration dress:

Here on pinterest (Augh since the update I can’t get the embed link to work

Take a good look.

Now forget all the details.

‘Cause that’s what I did pretty much.

I decided to use La Mode Bagatelle’s pattern this time around, since I modified the Simplicity pattern for my dress, and the Sense & Sensibility pattern for my second. Also I’d heard lots of really good things about this pattern so I’d picked it up earlier this year.

This pattern is out of print and expensive, so extra motivation to just trace my size. Though I like to do that usually anyway, so that friends can use my patterns and so I can make all my fit notes on my copy.

So then I cut out the top in muslin (the wrapover version)

I just pinned it on over my corded corset (which is… going to be another entry since apparently I never talked about it).

Then I took pics of the back and adjusted the back as needed, I had pretty small shoulders so the “shoulder” seam almost always has to be taken in.

After all the back adjustments were marked and basted I turned back to the front:

Where I smoothed and pulled so all the gathering would end up along the seams I would be putting in (pin lines).

Trued up the muslin and made notes for adjustments 😀

Then I cut it out twice in the pink, one for lining and one which will go under the green (which is sheer). From what I’ve seen of extant garments they wouldn’t necessarily have that extra lining… and I almost left it off but I figured I should follow the pattern (despite changing it so much already 8D)

I made piping.
Not sure why I included this pic but there we go (I edited these and uploaded them a bit a ago sooo… my brain, who knows)

Corset reinforcement! Also not sure why I edited & uploaded this one along w/ the others…

So! I have more pictures, it’s a bit further along than that.

Last night I drafted my sleeve shape (about that following the pattern….) and hopefully this weekend I’ll get those in 😀

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