Cos update – Jo Grant

I have been the most terrible at taking pics of this my current project. So. I’ll just talk a bit I guess.

So I decided to make this Jo for Gallifrey, I flip flopped on it for awhile because I wanted something new, but didn’t know what I might have time for, etc.
But it ended up working out, I found something that looks like wool but isn’t wool at the local fabric store, for a reasonable price, so then I had to 8D

So I had this pattern:

Which seemed pretty close, despite being 30 years off.

I cut out the relevant pieces, changed the trousers to be more belled than stove, cut out a muslin and tried the whole thing on. The trousers were almost perfect from the get go, which was nice, and the jacket really only needed adjusting in the lapel and collar. Oh and the back, she’s got a yoke with this pattern doesn’t have. But I flat patterned that in for the muslin and only had to change the height by an inch or so.

My lone progress pic, and on its side no less.

Hopefully I’ll finish by this weekend 😀

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