Continuing my backlog, AJ already blogged about these (much more timely I might add) and so I just ganked her pictures (thanks!).

We did three co quilts for friends’ babies, it was a pretty efficient system! I did the piecing and she did all applique and embroidery, we’d pin/spray them together and took turns quilting then I’d do the binding (I’ve bound dozens of my gramma’s quilts so, experience!).



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Quilt Catch Up

Getting the blog incorporated into my site has made me want to blog again! Thankfully, I have a lot of back log.

So anyway, just gonna do some simple posts for the time being with some recaps, and first up is quilts!

I’ve co-made quite a few quilts, done lots of odds and ends for my gramma, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I completed my first 100% self made quilt!

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I miss travel ;_;

I was thinking I’d like to blog again! But what about? Travel is something often on my mind and 2020 had two fairly large international trips scheduled, neither of which are happening any longer. So thinking about traveling and made this map with TravellersPoint:

Potential upcoming topics definitely include summaries on trips I never really talked about or that occurred during blogging slumps!

Colonial Williamsburg

Aaah, so much for getting back into posting.
Trying again.

This time with pictures from the Colonial Williamsburg trip we took in June, because AJ edited them so I don’t have to bother with that!

First time there for all of us!
I could easily spend a lot longer than we did, pouring through the museums but alas AJ, Judy, and their partners… none of them museum people!


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2016 Photoshoot: Jedi & Vilya

On another day we did two of my semi original outfits.
In 2008 I made an original Jedi, based a bit on Luminara Unduli/Barriss Offee. It’s not really a feat of construction or anything, but since we were already taking pictures and I didn’t have any it worked.

The other outfit was made in 2005 for a masquerade entry, the three of us were meant to be Elvish personifications of the three rings of power from Lord of the Rings. I was Vilya, the ring of air. As Elrond’s ring, I based my design basically on a mishmash of his movie costumes just in all white.


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2016 Photoshoot: Ayame and Hotohori

Oh man, I’ve had these posts sitting half finished in my drafts for awhile now.
Going to try to get back into the swing of posting with several “catch up” posts from 2016 (I don’t even know what happened to blogging in 2016!)

So first up, back in September AJ & I took a few days off too photoshoot old costumes so we’d have pictures before tossing or repurposing them.
The timing kind of sucked for real life reasons, but I went ahead and did it and here are the results.

On day One we shot Ayame from Fruits Basket, which I made in 2006, wore for literally 2 hours in 2007, and has been in a bin ever since.

We also shot Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi, made in 2005 dear lord.


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I live!

Oh man, I didn’t realize it’d been that long since I posted.

I actually really miss posting! But I feel like my house progress isn’t really… postable, it’s so slow and the differences are that noticeable unless you’re doing it or 2″ from the thing being sanded for the bagillionth time. And for sewing, I get so excited to sew when I *can* sew that I forget to take progress pics 8D  Or they’re gifts and I have to wait.

I’m currently gift sewing so, more waiting, but I realized I DO have some things I can post!

… coming soon.

I figured if I put this reminder to myself here, I would actually do it! So hopefully 😀