Farewell Green/White Regency Shoot

Man I’ve been meaning to post these for ages. But for various reasons never got around to it.
Anyway! Last year I was thinking, really four Regency dress is a bit much when I have two more planned, so I decided to sell my first one.
Doris was awesome and did a photoshoot for me so I’d have lovely photos to use for etsy. It sold, right when I was getting ready to post it and signal boost, but the pictures turned out so nice I wanted to post them anyway!

We shot at Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto, and my sister Elizabeth did my wig and makeup so that Doris could take some good shots for her portfolio.

More after the cut!


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Country Regency pics

Oh man, life has been busy! A lot of General Life things going on, still, which I will eventually get around to talking about, depending on what comes to fruition!
Anyway, one of the Life Things is cleaning up, going through my closet and soon my fabric stash. So I had some costumes out and steamed them to take pictures, and I realized my country Regency dress was still hanging out on my mannequin, waiting for me to put closures in. So I took some pics of it!

I made this dress for a tea in late June,  it’s the same one I talked about working on in May and June.

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Country Regency Progress

Soooo, I talked about this dress awhile back here, in the plotting stages.
It’s basically done now, and I’ve been a TOTAL space cadet lately, combined with the crunch of getting it done in time means I didn’t take that many pictures. But here’s what I did take! And how I made it.

I started with Sense & Sensibility’s Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern, the gathered variant.

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Alright, so I have a few more backlogged posts in the pipeline, that all need something (mostly photo resizing and uploading ;_;).
Anyway, in the meantime, I thought I’d just ramble a bit about projects in the works, upcoming things.

Beyond trying to use up fabric with scraps, I have two new Regency dresses planned and another Black Canary variant for SDCC. One of the Regency dresses doesn’t warrant talking about at this time, there was going to be a very fancy tea put on by the Greater Bay Area Costuming Guild but they changed the venue, it will still have very nice tea I’ve been told, but it’s not half so fancy. So I put my fancy plans on the backburner and am working on a country dress!

My country dress is based on one Imogen Poots wears as Fanny in Miss Austen Regrets.

Source: Marie Williams via Mi on Pinterest

More rambling!

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Regency wearing in Bath

End of the day! So after I dropped my gramma off back at the hotel, she was done walking for the day, I changed into my Regency!
I rushed into putting it on, because back at the Assembly Rooms, the ticket was good for one admission, but I talked to the front desk and explained I’d brought this dress could I pleeeease come back? And she said okay. And they close at 5, and it was nearing 4.


WELL. Actually the last admission is at 4, and they’d closed and locked the doors, from the outside, already!
So I wasn’t able to get any pics in the actual assembly room. Which was disappointing, but then I also realized I had no one to take the picture anyway.


So then my sister and I met at our prearranged meeting spot at 5 and headed to the Royal Crescent for pictures!




I thought this dress would cover my shoes, whoops!


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Jane Austen Centre


Why hello there Jane Austen Centre!


All these outfits on display are reproductions, but still a lot of fun to look at.


Aaaw that purse with a tassle!


And the embroidered buttons! Love.


The cravat! I feel they should make a comeback.


Aaaah kids costumes ;_;


My love for you is breaking my heart.


Ah the regimental man


Even Mrs. Bennet cannot resist.


The outfit is a replica of a 1805 uniform.




I reeeeeally want a tea caddy like that.


Also I like this style of sleeve.


Miss Austen being hilarious after being “requested” to dedicate her book to the Prince Regent.


E modelling how this is a long narrow hall really. Also that gramma had to stay in the gift shop because she didn’t really care (blasphemy!) and didn’t want to bother with the stairs.


This dress had an interesting story, in that it was discovered all cut out, but was assembled in the 2000s.


Shelf of accoutrements.


They had a little dress up section, but as I have my own gowns, I didn’t bother. E indulged though 😀


A letter penned by Ms. Austen! So pretty!


Would not mind owning that writing desk, not at all.


Another reproduction.


I’m honestly not sure what those chopstick like things are.


Persuasion costume!


I love this adaptation, SO MUCH.


All this detail you don’t even notice in the movie!


Also, I like her hat.

That was the last room at the centre, so then we returned to the gift shop. We had planned on having tea there, since they have a tea room, but they have no elevator and it was on the top floor so no go.

So, at the gift shop, they have these tote bags that say “I ♥ Darcy” on them, and other things with that phrase.
My gramma “Who’s Darcy and why is he a big deal?”


Anyway, we had delicious lunch at a place that was on the way back to the hotel.
Then I took my gramma back to the hotel, while E went to the Roman Baths, which I’d been to before and actually remember fairly well (though if I end up in Bath again, I’ll probably give them another go).



Another blue door! I like the blue.

Bath Museum of Costume – Part Two

Still at the Museum of Costume, in Bath~



I really like the sleeve and bodice detailing on this!

Even More Dress Pics (not just Regency though)


And the rows of cording on this one.


Not super fond of the bodice on the dress on the right, but I really like that fabric texture.


This is the bodice, since I figured I should show it if I’m going to say I don’t like it.


Aaaah the shiny, love it.


And the hem on this! I just want to make Regency dresses now.


Also this hem 8D;;


That hem is more fancy because it’s from a later time.


I like the sleeve detailing though.


Goodbye Regency Room!
My hands were so itching to just use my gramma’s wheelchair to smash through the glass and explore those bins. That was cruel of them I think, look bins of things you’re probably interested in! Juuuuust out of reach. Thanks museum.



Look, ribbon.
It was in front of a 1830s dress, which I thought was hideous, and thus there are no pics.


I’m not overly fond of the 1840s, but I do like some of the detailings as we get into the 1850s.


Like I’ve seen this style in awesome plaids and stripes, all matched gorgeously through that pleating.


1876, actually not keen on this silhouette.  


I like the explosion of details that come with the 1880s


Totally want that collar.


I don’t necessarily want that hem, but it’s interesting.


And we leave off with the 1900s.



Victoria & Albert Museum

More posts from earlier travels~

My friend who I was staying with had exciting per-existing Gilbert and Sullivan plans, so we bussed in to the area and I went to the V&A yaaay.

I think I took this on the way there. Because it screams Why yes, I am in England.

I was quite taken with this statue of Eve.

But we all know why I was reeeeeally there right?


AND THIS WAISTCOAT. 17th century I believe, I have a pic of the label somewhere.



But I’ll dial it back.

Do you see that sleeve detail? Gorgeous.

I reeeeally liked the skirt of this outfit, but with the poor lighting and my shaky hands it was hard to get a good pic. Also, around this point my camera died. And I’d neglected to bring extra with me. So I took pics on my mobile for a bit, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to soak up every last bit of amazingness. But I did finally run out and find a local mini mart type thing and grabbed some batteries and rushed back.

I used to find this period fairly ugly for women’s wear, but I’ve been watching a lot of dramas of that era lately and there’s some I really adore (particularly this stripey dress seen in everything).

60s! Not a fan of orange at all, but I was really pleased with how accurate, style line wise, my 60s TARDIS dress was.

Hobo chic of the 70s.

Lookit all that wooooork

Loved this ensemble but most of my pics were blurry of it ;_;

Sleeve puffers 8D

Then I think maybe aralias came back and we wandered? Or maybe I’m out of order and this was before we parted ways. Because I can’t imagine why I would have left the clothing section independently.

Part of a tomb~ so fancy and also I like Arabic sooo.

This is a hat.
Seriously. Blades. For killing.

This this was amazing! If you wound it up, it would move and the tiger would eat the British soldier. I found it hilarious. Also very pretty.

Japanese porcelain bowl. I want it.

In between sections there was this big wide space that was where they had things in storage, or being worked on, or something like that. He looks so disapproving.

There was a theatre section! Which I hadn’t realized, and aralias took me and eee more beautiful costumes.
That’s Scar from The Lion King.

Adam Ant.

The Producers.

We were in that section until they turned the lights off on us. Then we had food and parted ways. I bussed back aaaand had an adventure! I was supposed to get whipping cream and strawberries, well they didn’t have either at the Tesco by the museum.
So I asked the flatmates and they thought… Quick Mart? Whatever it’s called, they thought that might have it. So basically, I went out and walked and went into every mini mart type place until I found some (four in total if I remember correctly). It was all very exciting, since walking around and poking my head in places is one of my favourite things to do when traveling.

Mission accomplished I went back and organized my backpack while watching Miranda (which I’d never heard of before) until Katy got back from the show. Then she made me… Eton’s Mess? I think is what it’s called? Whip the whipping cream, cut up the strawberries, pulverize the Very Large Meringue, and yay dessert! It was delicious 😀

And thus ends Sunday! My last full day in England D: