In 2012 I went to my first Costume College, it was fantastic!

After I was browsing about at peoples’ blogs and generally being inspired when I thought, I should do a sewing blog!
Not so much because I have so much insight, I don’t, but I believe it might motivate me.

So, I already have a livejournal, here, which is a catch all. If you’re also interested in random fandom thoughts and travel musings you can see it all there. For just sewing, I’ll be cross posting here 😀



I generally go by Mi, and I’ve been sewing since 2001. I started with anime cosplay, and have gradually taught myself pretty much everything I know. I have a huge sci-fi partiality (hence my blog name!), so most of what I sew has a bit of a geek bent. I still costume loads, but make random sewy crafts as well. In 2001 I broke into historical costuming, and here I am!

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