Quilt Catch Up

Getting the blog incorporated into my site has made me want to blog again! Thankfully, I have a lot of back log.

So anyway, just gonna do some simple posts for the time being with some recaps, and first up is quilts!

I’ve co-made quite a few quilts, done lots of odds and ends for my gramma, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I completed my first 100% self made quilt!

I saw this fabric by Cori Dantini when I was at a quilt shop with my gramma and just had to have it,  the collection was called Hello World. I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy it with the intention of making something for my niece but then AJ mentioned needing a school blanket so!

I don’t recall at all the designers for the coordinating sashing fabric I bought, and I didn’t use a pattern since my goal was just to highlight the animal panels. To that end, I outline quilted the animals and what a pain.

But it looked good in the end!
I don’t think I really have anything else to say about it 8D
I purposely overbought this fabric cause it’s so incredibly cute, but I kind of forgot about it since this quilt doesn’t live at my house and now I’m thinking maybe I should make one for myself… or pillows? Do I need more pillows…?

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