Gramma’s quilts!

I keep meaning to post these. Soooo, my gramma quilts, as you may know. Most of my crafty projects are made from scraps of those quilts.

Anyway, I’m trying to take pics of all her quilts, well, it’s far too late to catch them all but at the very least going forward!


Here are some quilts and quilt top pics I took in January when visiting. She’s been working on some since then, but they’re not done yet. I’m really hoping she didn’t send off a particular quilt already, so I can take pics on Sat!


This is a top she’s had around for a bit now, a year? She’s not sure what she wants to do with it, so isn’t in any rush to do the quilting.


This is a fussy cutting technique I forget the name of, here it’s just four squares but I have one with more.


Those, and the starting image, were my favourite squares.


Another southwest print top, she really likes that motif.
Obviously I have no clue how to take a good quilt pic, but I’ll be getting some good practice in!


Detaaaail, that black crackly looking fabric has made a few appearances as the underside of my lady bug hotpads 8D


This was a “block of the month” quilt she did with no real purpose, so it was claimed by a relative.


I think she still has the pattern, or I hope so anyway ‘cause I quite like some of these blocks.


I reeeeally like the “sky” fabric, so I took home the leftovers of that… and now I have to think of something to use it on!


I think she was telling me all these blocks have names, but I don’t know them 8D


Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the pattern I like, or the fabric 8D;;


I think this is probably a pretty standard pattern? But I like it.


Iris! I like Irises, not totally sold on this design though.


Baby quilt for a family friend!
I think the animals are a bit… freaky. But it’s not for me so, hopefully they thought it was cute.


I do like this style of pinwheel though!


This was a really big quilt, and I couldn’t find any space to lay it completely out. Also I didn’t feel like ironing it.


This was another block of the month project.


I’m not super fond of civil war prints, but these were my favourite blocks and patterns (conveniently located together for easy picture taking XD)


My gramma!
And a quilt 8D
Well, a top.
This one is for my mum, who likes this pattern.


My gramma kept saying it was a secret for her birthday (in July), so I’ve known about it for months and not said anything but I was really excited ‘cause it’s so pretty and I think she’ll really like it. Well then my mom visits in… March or April, and she tells her. And when I said “you told me it was a surprise!” she said… “Oh yeah! I forgot.”


Anyway, I took all of these scraps home.

So normally she quilts them herself, but she wanted a certain pattern for that quilt so sent it off. I thiiiink she’s got it back now, and has to do the binding. I remember she said the binding will be a pain, and since she sometimes has me do that part… I won’t at all be surprised if that’s what my next visit turns into 8D<

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