Another scrap bag, with bonus quilt

I’m really trying to use up scraps… and just make STUFF. Like I’m at that point where I don’t even care, I just want to use up fabric (but not quite at the stage where I want to actually purge the fabric XD). So, bags. That’s what’s been happening.

Though! My latest costume, Black Canary, was all scrap! I feel a little accomplished for that.


I made a bag in between the owl one I posted earlier and this one, from the same really cute tutorial. I was going to post that bag now, but I didn’t take very good pictures so I’ll need to take some more.

The one step I wasn’t keen on for that lunch bag tutorial is that in order to catch all the seam allowance and create an enclosed seam the top stitching is wider below the brim than it is above it. So for the second bag I left a gap and did the whole flipping it inside out thing, and then top stitched… this will make more sense when I post those pics. Well for the 3rd one I decided to do that again, only this time to also catch the cover in the topstitch, because I like that look better (for all the time anyone spends looking at the inside…).

Yeah okay, that wasn’t explained that well, for my next bag I’ll take pic of the process.


This bag was made for my sister using scraps leftover from a quilt my gramma made her.

Quilt and bag~!


So the theme of this quilt was butterflies!


My sister and I both really like butterflies, so my gramma is always giving her butterfly things and sometimes I take them >.>
I didn’t take the quilt though XD Just saying.


Anyway, this is a quilt my gramma sent out to be quilted, because she wanted this pattern.


These are shots from the back, so it’s a bit more obvious.


These are the scraps I chose to use for the main body.


None of the pieces were big enough for the cover, so I supplemented these two from my scrap stash. The far right is actually from a quilt for E that my gramma’s working on now (note the butterflies in the black part XD).


None of the pieces were quite big enough, so I pieced the body.


So this is the body of the bag, before you sew up the sides and put the corners in.

I must have miscut something ‘cause everything lined up perfectly except one -_-

And that’s the last progress pic I took.


Finished bag!


If I do another pieced version, I’m going to try to reproportion the width of the strips so it aligns with the corners. Hindsight.


This is what I meant about the inside, having the cover stitched down a bit looks cleaner I think. I used a dark purple thread for all of this, but on the lighter fabrics it looks black ;_;


The inside! I had to piece that as well, but I used all the same fabric.


And then Pippin got curious XD She was too curious though and kept moving :/


… she’s actually in the end of a yawn here, but I like it ‘cause it’s the killer cat face.


Oh this is the outside of that same topstitching.


Matchy matchy!

Sometimes I think I post too many pictures at once, what do you think? Break it down some?

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