Christmas 2013 in crafts! (part two)

Some more things from Christmas!

So my sister really liked the camera case I made myself in September, so I got out those same fabric scraps and some lace and made one for her camera.

Camera case & kitty bag!

I had seen this type of design when I’d searched something like… “Camera case diy,” probably on pinterest, for ideas on my own camera case.

It’s a super basic design, long skinny piece for back and flap, short wide piece for front, darts for corners, and then slap it together with binding.

I used fleece as the batting, and lined it in flannel.

Then I had to get another gift covered so I browsed my pinterest (my addiction 8D;;) for something cute and decided I like this bunny bag. After I saw how it’s just a rounded rectangle sewn up the sides, I didn’t look at the tutorial though. Which… probably caused some issues (like I’m not particularly fond of how the base came out).

Anyway, got more scrap.

I knew she would like a cat waaay better, and wasted a lot of time looking for some scrap I might have that would be black on black, for Pippin, but ended up with just plain black cotton.

Anyway, basic piecing, semi quilted onto some batting.

I think the tail is my favourite bit.

The face is just stitching with embroidery thread.

I didn’t like the way they just slapped binding over the seams, far too bulky, so this is fully lined with pockets. ‘Cause, pockets are awesome.

I made one other thing, but I can’t seem to find pictures at the moment, so perhaps in the future they’ll be a part three.

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