More bags!

I have a few half written posts that are waiting for me to upload pics 8D

I’ll get to those shortly! I had a really chill weekend so I puttered with some sewing. AJ put me onto this really cute bag tutorial, and when she made it, it turned out adorable so I thought I’d try my hand! These are the fabrics I used:

 photo IMG_4547_zps8e7ec562.jpg  

And done!

 photo IMG_4549_zpsd82eadb3.jpg 

It took… 3 hours? From cut to finish, while playing Kings of Tokyo and watching the two hour Once Upon a Time finale (so, sewing during commercials).

  photo IMG_4552_zps3ceb5476.jpg 

The inside, which you can’t really see, is the owl fabric on the far right from the fabric shot. It’s a vinyl fabric so anything potentially messy can just be wiped off…. it seemed like a good idea but I’ll probably be using this like a purse so, ultimately not actually very useful… 

 photo IMG_4553_zps90d312bb.jpg 

I had NO idea what I wanted to use on the handles, so these are just “I think they go with it…? Maybe…?” fabrics.

 photo IMG_4555_zps1f4c8382.jpg 

The drawstring top is actually an off-white with a white printed pattern, but since I finished this at 10:00pm the lighting was eeeeh and it’s hard to see.

  photo IMG_4554_zpsa634e4af.jpg 

The top owl print was a remnant given to me by my friend Lydia, and the bottom was a remnant I’d picked up on one of those 50% off sales at Joann probably several years ago! 

I think it turned out cute! 

Earlier in the day/weekend I’d worked on my Regency petticoat, not pictured because I didn’t get very far, and made a tote out of a Comic Con Bag. They had a Hobbit one from 2012, I didn’t go that year but my friend Heather sent me her bag 😀

I should have taken a pic before I started, but actually I cut it out like… a year ago, and I didn’t do a very good job at that :/ I had decided to use a commercial tote pattern, where usually I just wing it, and didn’t realize that this pattern was one where the front and back meet in the center of the base, rather than having a separate base piece. 

Anyway, so I had to recut some pieces, and as such it’s not how I would have done it normally… if I’d just engaged my brain/bothered to read the pattern to begin with. 

So like this side panel, it’s not centered ;_;

 photo IMG_4542_zpsa4d156f1.jpg 

And I ended up piecing one side because I wanted to use as much as possible from the original bag:

 photo IMG_4543_zps5fdb4e23.jpg 

I used bits and pieces as pockets.
 photo IMG_4544_zps1f0e375f.jpg photo IMG_4545_zps353b146e.jpg 

The important thing was retaining this image of course!

 photo IMG_4541_zps019afdff.jpg

Aw man, I just remembered the awesome Batman tote I made a few weeks ago that I didn’t take pics of.

Coming soon then!

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