Baz Pitch


Experimental shoot time!

So in September 2019 Wayward Son came out and here’s Baz on the UK cover by Kevin Wada looking fabulous. I have wanted a floral suit for aaaaages.

This is not that suit.

This is a cos test and an experimental lighting shoot in my garage.

My sister was the one who introduced me to the first book, Carry On, so she directed this. I hung up old cloaks and black fabric in a corner of my garage and set up flashes to my right. We never quite achieved the level of high contrast we were going for, but we did get some good ones!

I have no idea how to edit, so this was also an experiment in editing! Any picture with smoke is smoke from the session, but not from the photo it’s featuring in, at least not without the addition of smoke from another picture. I was also trying to play with the contrast, so they’re all different!

Because we were in an enclosed space, and it was REALLY HOT in my garage at the time we took these pictures (those lights did not help), I only actually got through one real cigarette, so I’d say half of these are with the fake cigarettes and added the smoke from the real one.

Also, it’s really hard to get a good still while sucking and blowing >.> We tried a few of a more slow release of the smoke but first off, gross, second off it obscured too much directly in front of my face and stung my eyes, so blowing at least a little was a necessity. If we try this again I need to research what they use in movies because ew, I brushed my teeth immediately after this. The cigarettes I have on hand for cos are incredibly stale since they’re just props and let me tell you, they are DISGUSTING. But I didn’t want to buy more just for cos.

Also smoking is bad for you.

Especially if you’re a flammable vampire.

Speaking of vampire, here are my favourite outtakes:

We just played with fangs because I have them, but it definitely takes practice to not look super awkward.

Also when I was changing out of my suit I realized the high contrast lighting meant my makeup was basically useless, so here is a selfie in my space themed bathroom because that makeup took awhile.

My phone kept wigging out on how pale my face was until I put my hand up, which I don’t understand, but technology.

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