Colonial Williamsburg

Aaah, so much for getting back into posting.
Trying again.

This time with pictures from the Colonial Williamsburg trip we took in June, because AJ edited them so I don’t have to bother with that!

First time there for all of us!
I could easily spend a lot longer than we did, pouring through the museums but alas AJ, Judy, and their partners… none of them museum people!


Also I’d like to go back and do aaaall the tours. I love all the history!
AJ and I made outfits specifically for this, light cotton was perfect and comfortable!

Judy was much more striking in silk, fancy lady that she is.

AJ dyed IKEA sheets for her fabric, turned out lovely!

My fabric I actually bought for a Regency, but I’m really trying not to buy more fabric so used it for this instead.

I’ll hopefully have a post later about construction, but originally I wanted fitted long sleeves. Went with the shorter puffed sleeves due to time with the intention of making the other sleeves later, but woooow it’s so comfortable, and my mobility was much greater than AJ and Judy so now I’m torn!

Also I was going for a specific type of hat I’d seen in portraits like this that’s not as shallow as the bergere. But I’m pretty sure I got the crown height a little uneven :/

I always had to stand in the middle, or else my white-ness caused me to blow out XD


Judy’s hat makes me really want some feathers for when I redo mine.

I’m going to add a hem to my dress next time I wear it, as somehow it ended up too short.

I’m also debating adding… snaps. To keep the belt a little lower. It kept creeping up and creating more of a Regency look.

Okay commentary over.
More pics:









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