2015 Sewalong Challenge #4 Complete

Augh so behind in posting.

Buuuut, I did complete challenge #4 – Something for the Home. And only two days late, so really, doing okay.

I did reusable cotton pads. Uh, the makeup kind, not the menstrual kind.

I cut a bunch of 3.5″ squares, all scraps yay.

The batting and the cotton came from my gramma, I can name almost everything they’re leftovers from.

These are from a Mexican Star quilt she’s making my uncle/2nd cousin/family is confusing.

These I’m not sure about. It’s so familiar I know I’ll kick myself one I realize what quilt they’re from. The pieced bits were already pieced scraps.

The pink is from a sewing carry bag my gramma made me, the dark purple is I think from my brother’s borgello quilt, and the impressionist flowers are from my mum’s double wedding ring (I think that’s the pattern? Something about rings) quilt.

The flannel backs are from some scrap flannel I bought to put pockets in my jimjams sometime ago.

All together I made 25, but I gave some to my sister. So far they’re working great!

And now some more beet pictures. They’re just so pretty every time I eat them I take pictures ;_;
Even if gardening didn’t make me feel hobbity, I think I’d still plant beets because they’re too lovely.

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