Even More Bags!

Actually, it’s not really more bags, these are both older but I forgot to post them!


So here’s the 2nd lunch bag I made, that I talked about when posting the 3rd lunch bag.

As well as that Batman Tote I mentioned a bit ago…

Let’s do Batman first, because, Batman!


This was made out of a comic con bag from 2011 this one if you want to see it pre-cut up. I used the logo portion of this bag earlier, on a messenger bag for my brother.


Everytime I take pictures Pippin gets all curious, but she doesn’t stay curious long enough for me to take something cute XD


This might be my favourite feature (which horrified my little brother, but what does he know). I got that pin as a freebie at Wonder Con this year.


See? So blurry cat why don’t you sit still D:
Anyway, the back. It’s fairly uninteresting, but does say Arkham Asylum, so that’s something.
I took a pic of the inside, which has pockets and such, but I forgot to clip threads so you’ll just have to imagine 8D;;
Hurrah for using up more scrap though! The sides and handles are a heavy canvas twill leftover from my TVM Master costume, I can’t remember what the grey (which is on the inside, so you can’t see it anyway) is from, but something quite old I’m sure.


Anyway, so this is the 2nd lunch bag I did. I’m only including this pic because my sock is awesome.


This is the inside comparison, I took a pic since I rambled on about it so much last time. Anyway I made these two in the same way, but decided I like how the cover looks tacked down (for all those times you stare directly down at your bag…) so for the purple one I did the stitching over the cover instead of under.


See? Under the cover.


And that yellow stitching corresponds with this yellow stitching.


Soooo, three bags later (I gave this one to my gramma), I think that the rim pieces should maybe be interfaced on the lining pieces too, and I need to set my handles in a little more because I don’t like the way they flop a bit (… for all the times it’s just sitting there being looked at…).

I have a small pile of tutorials and patterns to try, so there will be some variation soon 8D But I do have two more of this style in mind, as I have been reliably informed a friend loves owls, and I have enough of the owl fabric left, and I recently got a lovely bunch of purple themed quilt scraps for a purple loving friend.

I’m really trying to make at least SOMETHING every week, so hopefully I’ll remember to take pics as well 8D

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