Spring Regency Progress

Edited more pics last night!
And I’m still more ahead than this, but yay.

Read more for pics, notes, and a facepalm realization 8D

So that pic up there looks like I skipped steps or something, but I didn’t really. I cut the stripey fabric, layered it over the pink, piped the piping and fitting time again.

Pinned the back shut at the proper place. And the front just pinned to my corset.

Then I just pinned some scrap muslin over the front and drew on it 8D Very technical 8D

Then when I took it off I evened it up and drew where I wanted the lines.

Then I traced it and added seam allowance for the back pink bit, and then cut along the trim lines and traced and added seam allowance.

Then I whip stitched a french seam in real quick, it didn’t need to be purdy ’cause there’ll be a lining hiding that ;_;

But I had to hand sew it so on the outside it would only go through the pink layer and not the stripey. Noooot sure if you can see the tiny stitches through the sheer bits, you can in the full size pic before I edited it 8D And in person really you’d have to be like 3 inches away from it.

That pic actually skips a step but when I find the pic I know I took I’ll just retcon >.>
Anyway, I think it’s called understitching? That’s the lining, stitched to the seam allowance. It just helps the lining stay down and not poke out. And it’s on the inside, so machine stitching = okay (for this, any visible stitching I’m doing by hand, which really means I’m trying not to have any visible stitching….)

Okay, so facepalm moment ;_;

Go back to that first pic.

Edited these only last night… and you can CLEARLY see my corset in the back! And that’s without the lining and therefore showing the extra seam allowance. So NOW you would be able to see my corset even more. Augh. So, I can’t wear my pretty corded corset with this dress. I’m pretty sure my ghetto bodiced petticoat from a year or two ago will be low enough. But yeah. Something I should have noticed in the muslin stage.
So, the Laughing Moon Corded Corset pattern is too high for the Bagatelle back. And now you know, so hopefully that’ll help except I know all you who might do it would have noticed right away 8D;;;;

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