May 18th!

May 18th!

Maker Faire day 😀 And Ball day!

All Ball photos from Doris~
She took many lovely photos, and if you click them it’ll take you to her album which you should check out!

Had a great time at Maker Faire then zoomed home, where both D & twjudy were early D:

So I zoomed mah girly makeup & changed my underclothes to the right shoes, socks, & leggings. Then AJ showed up and TO THE BALL~!


Actually we stopped at Safeway first because it was potluck (and me, with my grey leggings with white socks over them and green shoes…. 8D) (though to be fair, the other ladies had their hair all fancied already, whereas I would be putting a wig on).

Anyway! We changed mostly in the parking lot then finished up in their convenient changing room and Judy did up my hair/wig really nicely 😀


I’m so glad she’d already done her hair similar, or else I’d have had to have done lots of wavy hand motions to explain what I had in mind, instead I just got to say “Like yours!”


Look they’re like twins! XDDD

So it was a little smaller and less well attended than I had thought it would be, since it was for the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice I just kinda assumed, 200! Big deal!

That said!

There were waaaay more dudes than I had been expecting! And not all of them looked like they’d just been dragged along XD


This pic is totally due to AJ, ‘cause she just got through telling me to sit up straight. I slouch something fierce and I’m really trying not to :/

They would do a country dance, where they taught you, and then a waltz or free dance or whatever they called it. I can’t dance. Like at all. So D & I did most of the country dances.


This is my favourite pic D took, because you can’t see my face, and I look like I know what I’m doing!

We stayed just the right amount of time I think, ‘cause really there wasn’t a whole lot to do except… dance. Duh. But when I *did* dance inside I was just like “Omgggg just like the moviiiiies 8D” So, SUCCESS!


I’m so happy I know such lovely and wonderful ladies ;_______;

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