Alright, so I have a few more backlogged posts in the pipeline, that all need something (mostly photo resizing and uploading ;_;).
Anyway, in the meantime, I thought I’d just ramble a bit about projects in the works, upcoming things.

Beyond trying to use up fabric with scraps, I have two new Regency dresses planned and another Black Canary variant for SDCC. One of the Regency dresses doesn’t warrant talking about at this time, there was going to be a very fancy tea put on by the Greater Bay Area Costuming Guild but they changed the venue, it will still have very nice tea I’ve been told, but it’s not half so fancy. So I put my fancy plans on the backburner and am working on a country dress!

My country dress is based on one Imogen Poots wears as Fanny in Miss Austen Regrets.

Source: Marie Williams via Mi on Pinterest

More rambling!

This is the best full shot I could find:

Source: Silver Qn via Mi on Pinterest

It is, surprisingly, much easier to find screencaps from this scene now that Hiddleston is so insanely popular.

Anyway, I have a sizable chunk of a light blue linen blend from my gramma, and about two years ago or so (probably longer, now that I’m thinking about it) my friend Lydia and I thought we might make a Regency lady and gentleman, and then swap who was who, because we are quite similarly sized. So *after* we bought some supplemental fabrics (wool for the trousers and a lightweight muslin to pair with the blue) we found our proportions were just far too different for us to really be able to pull off this plan.

Sadly, I still have a 75% finished Regency frockcoat in a bin somewhere…
Right so, also we both had some life changes (ah the necessity of making money) and don’t have our weekly teas anymore, so I decided to go ahead and make the dress for me, since the coat is already sized to her, and sometime in the future should she be in need of a Regency frock we’ll whip her up a custom one 😀

So actually this dress back in 2011 was the mock up for this.

This time though, instead of making the dress all one piece, I want to do is as two layers, with a petticoat like this:

Only without the lace and such, I’m planning on several rows of pintucks instead.

So I took the muslin and looked at my Janet Arnold pattern book and did a rough scaling of the skirt in one of the Regency patterns, measured from my rib cage to the floor, and ended up with three panels of 50”ish muslin, which I french seamed together and bias bound the opening. Then I bias bound the entire top, measured my front ribcage, because I want that to be flat, and put drawstrings through it on both sides.

Sounds reasonable right?

Well… the muslin is not quite fine enough for that kind of intense gathering via drawstring ;_; So I’m going to have to take off most of the bias, and then pleat or gather by hand into a proper waist band.

So I’m going to have to decide how I want the pleats/gathering to be, all across the back or just in the very center? I’m partial to the just in the center look, but as a petticoat you’ll not seeeee it, so perhaps I’ll distribute the fabric more evenly…

So that is the next step, and then doing up straps and pintucking until it’s about ankle length.

For the bodice I keep flip flopping. I could do a gathered bodice, like the inspiration and like my green and white dress, but after all the fun I had with my Spring Regency it feels so simple!
Also I don’t have a drop front dress in my wardrobe yet, and I do want one… augh, decisions!

Well, that was more wordy than I anticipated, so I’ll just stop there XD

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