Life update!

Still too busy to much actual sewing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plot!

2015 is going to be aaaaall about using up fabric! I’ve been on a self imposed fabric buying ban for so long @.@ Actually, now I stop and think about it, I think it’s been almost 3 years!

When I started I had some exceptions which were basically… Doctor Who costumes. But only ones I’d had in mind for awhile, so basically Jo Grant, TVM!Master, and Survival!Master. Somehow though I ended up buying fabric for three historicals, through some sort of mental loophole, but everything else was stash! You would think I’d have more to show for it!

Anyway, now my only “loophole” is gifted fabric, that’s still acceptable! So this year I’m really going to buckle down and stick to my guns, use up more fabric! To that end, I have a lot of small “crafty” type projects in mind (bags, bags, and more bags. More than I could possibly need, so potential etsy listings there!), some actual Real Clothes, and underthings!

By underthings, I mean historical. First up will be an 18th Century corset, something like this:


I think most similar to the far left. I can’t actually remember, I’m just using whatever pattern AJ @ Confused Kitty used! I’ll also have to make some paniers, probably this size?


I know nothing of this era, so I’ll be counting on Bunny to guide me through it!

I had planned to make more underthings so that when I can buy fabric again I’ll have the base for everything, but then Bunny went and gifted me some fabric of sizable yardage (something I’m greatly lacking) so a full 18th century outfit will happen. The fabric isn’t remotely similar to this, but I’m quite taken with this dress:


From the Kyoto Costume Institute.

So we’ll see, I’m in the beginning stages of my research! It’s exciting branching out.

I also have the fabric for more Regency things, and possibly another late Victorian.

Hopefully blogging more will keep me accountable!

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