State of Mi

I did seriously mean to keep up with this journal, but San Diego Comic Con madness hit me hard. No sleep so certainly no time for blogging. Also not a lot of progress pics >.< It really was that down to the wire where I would think about taking a pic and then go “No! There’s no time!”

Really the culprit was the summer class I decided to take after work, which was great and I really enjoyed it and had very much wanted to take it, but I hadn’t thought how it would impact sewing and other life things. So basically it left me with very little time.

Costume College in less than two weeks!

I had some grand ambitions.
I am doing none of them.

I plan on rewearing my Spring Regency at the gala, and my 1850s Victorian Gent or my 1912 dress for the ice cream social.

The only thing I *need* to sew is a Regency chemise for Sunday Undies, but…. since I had nothing planned with my evenings now that my class is over… I may have started cutting out a 50s dress I just happen to have a pattern and fabric for.

We’ll see!

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