Farewell Green/White Regency Shoot

Man I’ve been meaning to post these for ages. But for various reasons never got around to it.
Anyway! Last year I was thinking, really four Regency dress is a bit much when I have two more planned, so I decided to sell my first one.
Doris was awesome and did a photoshoot for me so I’d have lovely photos to use for etsy. It sold, right when I was getting ready to post it and signal boost, but the pictures turned out so nice I wanted to post them anyway!

We shot at Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto, and my sister Elizabeth did my wig and makeup so that Doris could take some good shots for her portfolio.

More after the cut!


This was my first regency, and it was made using Simplicity pattern 4055 heavily modified.

I moved the shoulder and side seams way back, for a proper regency back (my favourite bit!).

I also added a bit extra to the front, for more gathering. I’m not sure it really worked with this fabric.

Speaking of the fabric! All the green is old sheets, and the eyelet was gifted me by my gramma during a stash purge.
Any white underlayer is probably sheets as well.

When I originally made it, the white border at the bottom of the eyelet was sheets as well, but I didn’t notice until I wore it in the sun that it was actually offwhite. So before I sold it I replaced it with some light weight bleached muslin. Redoing all the tucks was a pain -_-

I asked my sister for some natural looking make up, but… I think it looks sort of heavy and tired 8D;;
Or maybe I’m just showing my age ;_____;

The photos she took made the dress look so good, I almost reconsidered selling it!
But I’m glad I did, because now I feel less guilty about making more 8D;; Though I realize, I still haven’t taken any pictures of the dress that replaced this one! Perhaps another visit to Gamble Gardens is in order… 8D

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