Misc Pics Catch Up!

Realized it’s been a bit since a posted! Part of the fault is I started using instagram in… August I think and so my random pics go there and I forget to put them here. Also I still haven’t done anything about my camera :/ I know that it’s me not wanting to face if all those pics really are gone ;_; But… I really should find out.

Anyway, so I tend to take random housey pics on my ipad mini anyway. So here’s some pics from September! I’ll do October in another post.

This was probably one of my last batch of refrigerator pickles, my cucumbers fiiiinally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago (no joke, I must have gotten hundreds from those plants!) and I pulled them up and planted chard, beets, and carrots there.

Lots more after the break!


Random produce shot of the day.

Okay maybe this was one of my last cucumber harvests.. there’s only like 4 beets on top there, the whole bowl is full of cucumbers 8D

This was my first eggplant! My previous renter had planted this eggplant, two zucchinis, and some tomatoes. The tomatoes never were very happy there… anyway, when she moved out I got the plants (of course, not like I’m going to yank them up!).

Bought my first print at home pattern, and my first indie pattern, in Sept!
I recently started following Handmade By Carolyn, and a few other clothing sewing blogs, and have been really inspired to make more real clothes. In early Sept she posted this “snuggly chocolatey ensemble” that she made with Paprika Patterns jasper sweaterdress pattern. Instalove! Pretty sure I bought it that same day and taped it together that weekend.

Got a whole bunch of square containers from my grandparents, those big nut containers from Costco, and removed the labels and spray painted the lids silver. Eventually I’ll put labels on them, but there are so many cute (and free, yay!) pantry labels on the blogosphere I don’t know which ones yet. Then a jar of pickling liquid when I made too much, then my stash of pickles, then beets, then the delicious jams Doris made.

My first tea egg in my new house! So pretty, AND delicious!

Yay veggie haul!

New haircut courtesy of my sister, which was fabulous for a week but then started to feel shaggy (uuugh short hair grows so fast).

Put art up! I’ve only been here 10 months! This is in my kitchen and by Lorraine Yee.
Check out that awful paint behind it. Yup, still haven’t painted my kitchen ;_;

My eggplant is soooo happy. You can’t tell here, it’s covered in cute little eggies. I only tried like 20 times to get an eggplant to grow, this is the only one that survived. But it’s so happy I can’t keep up with it. I should look up if you can can eggplant…

Batman in my living room, art by Karen Zach Wang. I have a matching Wonder Woman but I’ll post that later.

Okay I think THIS really is the last of my cucumbers.
Well. I may have gotten one or two right before I pulled them, but I don’t think I have a picture.

Finished Jasper Sweater! I made mine more of a … Jasper teeshirt. I was using a flimsier knit than the pattern called for, so omitted the pockets. I also serged the whole thing together (yay for quick projects!) and took it in slightly so it’d fit more teeshirt like. The buckle at the collar came from some old boots 8D;;

For the cuffs and waist band I only used a 1/4″ SA, which I say more for my reference since I will be using this pattern again, and the sleeves are just a tad too short for me if I use the 5/8″ SA (But as I say this, I realize I didn’t really READ the pattern, just put it together, so perhaps that’s how it should be). Actually I may lengthen them anyway…

I think that’s it for Sept!

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