Fabric Box

So when I don’t actively have a costuming project, I’m trying to just… use up fabric and make *stuff.* Soon that will probably result in some misc. etsy things, but for now I’m still just making stuff for friends and for myself.

In an effort to help me organize, I modified this Pockets to Go pattern by Atkinson Designs.

The measurements on the long box were like… 4×8”? Or something like that, and I wanted something like 8×12”. Something that wasn’t a straight up doubling, of course, because that would have been too easy.




They are so beautiful.

Completed box!


It turned out okaaaaay. Not as clean as I would have liked, but I didn’t have patience to machine sew one side of the trim and handsew the other.


So my fault really.


I didn’t read the directions correctly when it came to the trim and how to do the corners, so ugliness there is also my fault ;_;


There’s this weird bagging on the inside of one end and I’m not really sure why, but too lazy to fix it.


This lovely wisteria fabric is the base and trim. So… on the bottom so you can’t see it, and in tiny strips so you can’t see it. So sad.


Oh and pockets. It’s bagging a bit on this end too. Not sure whyyyyyy.


My fabrics are so similar though, it’s not obvious that the middles and ends are different. To me anyway.


And in use! The base is actually stable, it’s just the thread case I popped it on is smaller.


Decent pattern! But I think for the hypothetical next one, I’ll just make something up. I’m not super fond of how you have to fold the trim of the corners in, in order to bind the top.

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