Country Regency Progress

Soooo, I talked about this dress awhile back here, in the plotting stages.
It’s basically done now, and I’ve been a TOTAL space cadet lately, combined with the crunch of getting it done in time means I didn’t take that many pictures. But here’s what I did take! And how I made it.

I started with Sense & Sensibility’s Elegant Lady’s Closet pattern, the gathered variant.

Progress shots!

So I made a mockup of the gathered bodice, I was going to merge the front and side back pieces because I felt like I’d seen more like that. But after looking at my Janet Arnold book I saw okay, side seams are alright, historically, and I don’t reeeeally have a lot of time, so I cut it out as is.

Then AJ helped me fit the bodice and I made my adjustments. I felt it was a little too gathery, so I took out a little from the front when I cut the fashion fabric.

And on to piping making!

I didn’t bother to measure out how much piping I’d need, so I just cut some strips from the leftovers of my petticoat.

And sewed them together individually, rather than a big continuous strip since I didn’t think I needed that much.

I find it easier to sew it this way rather than sewing a seam, cutting, starting the next seam. It seems intuitive, but I never did this until my gramma showed me that’s how she assembles her quilting blocks usually.

This is the cording I used this go around, my grandpa gave it to me and I have no idea where it came from.

When I sew the cording in, to make the piping, I move the needle over to the right a click or two, that way when it’s sewn onto the garment, you don’t have to worry about any stitching showing through or not getting close enough. I learned that on some blog a long time ago, and it made me like piping a lot more.

See the double row of stitching? That’s what I meant about the stitching when making the piping, no way are you gonna see that from the right side!

Breakfast break!

Even though it’s lined, I wanted to flat fell the seams, and had to hand sew it so it wouldn’t show on the outside.

That’s how it looks on the outside.

And I decided to do lace around the neckline, I have no idea what historical laces are, I just have a lot of this itty bitty lace from when my grandparents made doll clothes.

Bodice almost done!
I didn’t take any more progress pics after this, so the next pics will be of the dress!

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