More Quilts/quilt tops!

I actually have been slowly working on some things (emphasis on slowly), but my picture taking has been lacking, and it’s been so slow it hasn’t been interesting. But since I am trying to post at least once a week, you can thank my gramma for this week.

These are the tops I took pictures of just two weeks ago! She’s way more productive than I am.


Three tops this time!


This is a baby quilt for a Japanese tole painting friend of my gramma’s.


This is a pattern I was considering for a baby quilt for a friend.


This one is another quilt for Butterfly Sister (those of you who follow my travel exploits, this is E!).


See the butterflies?


This quilt is quite large, so I didn’t bother ironing it, which should be pretty obvious!


This pattern is actually the same as the SouthWest styled one I posted before, with the fussy cutting making the kaleidoscope-esque look.


It was the scrap from the main body of this that I supplemented into that lunch bag I made E.


This one I’m not sure why she made it originally, but one of my brothers had told my gramma how his GF liked his quilt and always used it. So she took pics of the quilt tops she had on hand and said he could choose. He went with this one.


I think it’s a pretty standard quilting design?


Anyway, she finished the whole thing but…


Oh noooooo. This is what happens when you don’t get your quilt stretched and pinned nicely. I believe this was a case of too many cooks, since I was there trying to help my gramma with this one, as well as two of my sisters. My gramma actually told me to stop helping, saying I was being “too particular” and it doesn’t have to be perfect! But also it’s a king sized quilt, and was very cumbersome, and my two sisters had never done this before. So. Next time will be better!

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