Tea Cozy!

So at the tea we went to a few weeks back (uh, which I’ll post about later, but I think I didn’t take pics…) Judy said she needed a new tea cozy, she bought one but I thought I’d make her one anyway! I haven’t actually handed it over yet, but she doesn’t read this so no worries.

I had a few tea cozy patterns from my gramma (actually I just found another last night!) and I settled on this one, so it’d be different from the one she already bought, “Tea Pockets” from New Leaf Stitches.


Progress, completed item, and notes to follow!

photo 1

These were fabrics I was considering, most left over from that quilt my gramma made for my mum (which has since been completed, but I have some in progress shots here).


I ended up using some purple bits left over from other quilts as well.

photo 4

So the pattern says ¼” seams, as most quilted things are, but I had to do a much larger (like ¾”) seam on the sides so that the points would just touch, and even then I didn’t take it in quite enough.

photo 3

Then as I was binding it I stopped and took the previous two pics, sending to AJ that it looks massive! So I ended up taking about an inch off all around, and making it a little rounder looking ‘cause… cute 8D

photo 5

And done!

I hand bound the side seams, but machine did the bottom since… inside, no one cares XD

I’m not actually sure how big Judy’s pot is though! So if it’s still too big, I’ll toss it on etsy and make her another one!

Maybe out of that pattern I found last night….

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