The Doctor (Three)



First Worn: Gallifrey 2010

Pertwee is my favourite Doctor, and the Mind of Evil is my favourite serial so. Fate.

This was originally made as a whim, when prior to SDCC 08 I finished all my cos work and had two weeks to spare. I flipflopped on the feasibility a few days then… “A week and a half?” thought I, “Plenty of time to make The Doctor and The Master!”

As such, not my best workmanship ever and one of these days I do plan on redoing it, or at least another version of Three (and yet… I don’t).
Trousers are just slacks I had around.
Shirt I made from a subtly woven variegated striped shirting from Joann, which now that I want to remake it I can’t find.
Jacket was modified from a thrift jacket, I had to size it down as much as I could with it still looking good, as such it is actually still really big on me but it’s not so obvious in pictures. I took apart the lapels and curved them, to mimic a shawl collar.
And finally the inverness cape was drafted and made out of mostly fabrics I had already in my stash, and the blue/purple I bought (I’m pretty sure the black came from me massively overbuying for Snape’s coat).

I got to meet Matt Smith and Karen Gillian in this, with a bunch of Doctors, and that was an awesome experience!