Peter Pevensie


First Worn: WonderCon 2010

We all love The Chronicles of Narnia, and my normal group had got some cos love in during San Diego Comic Con 2009, which I had to miss, so we decided to make shiny new things for WonderCon. We went with the outfits from the end of the movie, which you see for maybe 5 minutes, because they’re so pretty and neither of us wanted to bother with armor.

Husbando did all the fabric searching and sourcing, and I made both our outfits (still a little baffled over the use of a zigzag stitch in Narnia but… oh well). She also provided the replica sword, which is soooo pretty in person.

I fixed up Caspian’s outfit with a new man-skirt and got around to the decorative stitching in time for SDCC 2010, but all these photos are from the previous outing.