The Doctor (Shalka)


First Worn: Photo Shoot December 2012

Oh man, it is a box. Really. I looked at the reference, went “Hm… that is a big rectangle with a circle on top…” and so that’s what I did.
Basically, my description for it is the same as for my Scream of the Shalka Master. In that I love the webcast Scream of the Shalka, and I made both these outfits in December 2008, but I’d rather put someone else in this outfit, and be The Master. Thus far, including myself, four different people have worn this costume!

The best and worst thing about wearing this is, both times I’ve worn it so far my hair has been in some state of Not Natural, and definitely Not Black, so I’ve sprayed it with icky coloured spray. Which is both fun… and icky.