The Doctor (Ten)


First Worn: 2007

What happened was this: Tennant first took over as The Doctor, I was so excited here was a Doctor I could feasibly pull off, found this fabric, had to make it, made, wanted to be Nine instead, put Ellome in it, saw how brilliant she looked in it, and never got around to wearing it myself.

I did have a blast making this, since it was the first suit jacket I’ve drafted and made. But Ten is not one my favourite Doctors. Also I hadn’t quite finished it when I decided to switch to Nine, because I was worried it wouldn’t fit Ellome if I did (since I have a distinct non-butt). I always planned to temporarily fit it to myself, get some good pictures, and then gift it to Ellome but then I noticed the error I made on the lapels and became really unmotivated, as such there are only two pics in which I’m actually wearing the suit.