Padme Amidala

First Worn: Fanime 2006

I wish I had better photos of this, but these are all I could find post harddrive crash, and after wearing it once it was washed in a machine that had previously had a pen explode in it, boo.

Anyway, my Anakin friend really wanted to do a set and I love this outfit (pre shredding, thanks). I don’t remember too much except looking eeeeverywhere for some textured fabric for her cloak, the seam lines in stretch being a major pain, and realizing day of con that my hair was too long to actually do the style right (you know, besides the fact that it really should be a piece). Oh and for some reason we were all trying to do the Matrix pose?

Oh! And all my belt accessories were made out of shampoo bottles and soap holders, textured with hot glue, and spray painted.