The Master (Roberts)


First Worn: Gallifrey 2011

Oh man, I’ve wanted to do this outfit since I first saw it. He is so fabulous. But I wanted to wait until I had the perfect fabrics. When Fallyn Angel said she’d do ballgown Grace though, I suddenly had a deadline. So I have okay fabrics, but I still haven’t seen anything better. If I ever come across the right stuff, I’d remake this in a heartbeat. I’d probably get some new contacts as well, as these weren’t weighted and had a tendency to spin…

The whole of the cloak was painted with watered down glue and glitter, which was my very favourite part. The Seal of Rassilon patch was done by AJ, I also covered that in glitter. Though once it was on I realized I needed a bigger one, which she graciously provided, so now I have an extra glitterfied Seal of Rassilon, what a pity.

When Gallifrey brought the TVM cast in 2012, we all rewore our outfits, and it was SUCH a blast, all the actors are so gracious and wonderful!