Jo Grant


First Worn: Gallifrey 2014

I really wanted a new Jo outfit, because I looooove her, and this is one of my very favourite serials. I modified Simplicity pattern 3688 for the jacket and for the bottom made a pattern from some similarly styled trousers I have. The turtle neck I picked up at a thrift store and ripped out the ruching that was in the collar. The hardest thing were the buttons, I made some thin squares of sculpy and origami-ed the fabric around for it. But then the shape of them is so awkward, it’s too much of a pain to open and shut the jacket, so I’m post-suit shrinking version (in the serial, the costume department only had the one suit, it got wet and shrank during filming. Prior to shrinkage she wore the turtleneck tucked in and the jacket closed, after the turtleneck came out and the jacket opened!).

The BEST thing was having a geek out and hug with Katy Manning while wearing this <3


It has just occurred to me though, that I need to trim the fringe of this wig…