Update of bags!

As always, so behind on things. I keep posting things long past. Which I will continue to do, until I’m caught up, but still. I thought something a bit more recent would be nice 😀

Anyway, I made this last month.

I really needed a camera case! And I’d been meaning to make once since the protector sticker thing I had on the screen randomly SLID OFF in my bag one day in Japan and the screen got scratched. That was well over two years ago. So yeah, long over due.

Progress & detail pics to follow!

So uh, this is what I was using before….

… it’s a sock. The fuzzy slipper kind 8D

So I went through and chose smaller quilting scraps that coordinated. This is actually left over from the clothe napkins I did for the tea party. I really like the look of the white print on off white 😀

The polka dot stuff is fleece, which I lined the bag in.

All my pieces!

I think… that I had wanted to do a tutorial on this.

… Because I took a lot of detail shots.

Like this. And SO many more.

But I ended up not, because my camera is very bulky and most people have itty bitty cameras.

Also I wasn’t 100% happy with the flap, you can see in the first picture that the top gaps a bit (I’m holding the strap so it’s gapping more than usual there, but still, it was enough to annoy me).

Anyway, finished product!

People give me their button jars all the time in a “Oh you sew!” way, so I had lots of really random buttons to choose from 😀 That was nice. Not totally pleased w/ my hand stitching on the leaves though.

A few months ago I made this small bag, as a trash bag in my car:

It was hard to capture the colour, but this thing is NEON.

So it contrasts nicely with my camera bag XD

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