Random Mobile Photos

In lieu of actual content, I cleared out some of my mobile and table photos, exciting right?

These are all my socks lacking a sole mate D:
Having just moved, I really thought I’d find everything. Alas.
(Actually, I did find two or three of these after taking this pic last month, but then I also added two or three to the pile!).
I’m going to give it another month, and then see what craftiness I can get up to with socks 8D

Anyway, onward!

This is me and (some of) my sisters on the couch at my parent’s house over the holidays.
The awkwardness of the pic is I was actually taking a picture of Pippin, the cat, as you do, and realized I could probably get us all in the shot with some judicious angling. It turned out to be much brighter than I realized, and I take no responsibility for our expressions.

Took that pic the first night in my house!

Bonus, my house already has roses.

All my keys look the same, so I attacked them with nail polish. The shiny one on the left ended up a dark sparkly green.

The first picture I put up!

My shadow against my garage door, this hat is the original hat that sparked the hatting parties, and I made it way back in 2005 or 2006 (or 2004 now I think about it…). I’ve slept in it loads, and practically lived in it when I had no hair, so one of the wings doesn’t stick up anymore. It amused me.

On top of my fridge, I sense a theme.

Some pics from the hat party! Check out those awesome colours!

That stack was new stuff this go around, though I’ve had neon pink and orange before.

Going down the street to my parent’s, eventually we’d like to do a Regency shoot in those rolling green hills. But they don’t stay green! So we need to plan accordingly.

My first experiment with pickling! Doris fed me the most delicious pickled carrots the other day, and I just had to try my hand.

My kitchen table!
The table runner top was made by my gramma and quilted and bound by me.

Speaking of my gramma, these are scraps from some quilts and I’m trying to use them to fulfill some of the sewing challenges.

Lastly! Picked this up off the side of the road yesterday. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at restoring furniture and reupholstering, so we’ll see how this goes!
I think at the very least I can get it in good enough shape for some historical-esque pictures. It’s really not in great shape, but it was free and if nothing else I’m sure I’ll learn loads as I work on it!

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