Subaru Sumeragi – Volume 18



First Worn: Japan trip March 2019

My dream for… *cough*twentyyears*cough* was to get photos as Subaru with sakura in Japan.

I chose this outfit because I thought it’d be fairly inconspicuous for walking around. So I made the trench coat but used my clothes for the underbits because I… ran out of time. Also I realized at the end of the day that my mismatched eyes weren’t exactly subtle whoops.

We took these photos on our last day in Japan, which also happened to be the only day we could get up insanely early to try to get Takarazuka tickets and so I wasn’t able to do makeup etc. Basically, my extreme fatigue is supposed to represent Subaru’s lack of will to live.

While I have lots of ideas for what I’d do differently in the future, I had a blast!