Subaru Sumeragi – Ceremonial


First Worn: Anime Expo 2006

X/1999 was one of the first manga I read, and the first manga I fell head over heels for. This series caused me to learn Japanese and pour over each new chapter with the Japanese dictionary at hand, translating everything. And Subaru & Seishirou! ;_____; I love them so much.

Subbi’s outfit is very traditional and based on actual Shinto garments, so his was really easy to research and came together fairly easily. I used natural fabrics and traditional patterns, and made my first tassels yay. Seishirou’s outfit is more loosely based on traditional things… great emphasis on loosely. I decided since his “house” is more modern etc, I used more synthetic fabrics and machine stitched a lot, unfortunately since I didn’t have her on hand I made it too big for husbando :/ She made the awesome scythe and provided the dagger. I would wear these every single con if I could get husbando to agree to it 8D;;;