Touga Kiryuu


First Worn: v.1 – Anime Overdose 2004, v. 2 – Fanime 2009

I think this, version one, was the first costume that I made 100% of it with no help or buying (except shoes, of course). In retrospect, it wasn’t very good! Completely unlined or structured, it only managed to look good because I was so thin in those days (easiest fittings ever: straight line, done!). I really liked the sort of brown-red colour his hair had in one of the manga arts and so tried to do that with my own hair at the time, then I found out that colouring was like… a misprint on my manga. Whoops.

Besides not fitting anymore, I’m pretty sure this got grass stained, so in 2009 it became my first costume I ever remade (and so far, the only one), because I just really really like Touga. For the remake I used the trousers I’d already made for Dios, and just made a structured and actually lined jacket. I made the waist pockets actually functional, but thought the breast pocket might gap with the way it’s drawn so didn’t make that functional… and then my sister made me the rose holder, so it’s sort of awkward to get pinned in right. The wig is on the short side compared to how his is actually animated, but it was the exact colour I wanted, so I’ll probably continue to use it for awhile.