Last Dreams


First Worn: San Diego Comic Con 2010

Michael Zulli, who did the art for The Wake volume/arc of Sandman, posted this huuuuge painting of Morpheus on his blog saying it was going to be the last time he painted Morph and he wanted him to go out with a bang so he put all sorts of details and it was very pretty. But then later he posted that he realized he’d only done half a job, since he’d only painted Morpheus Dream, and so then he painted Daniel Dream. And when he did that I knew I had to make it. After we decided to do it at SDCC 2010, the search was on for the very best fabric. In the end I had to settle for a not fun to work with thin satin-y fabric, because I just wasn’t finding a white on white that I liked, and of course now I see good possibilities all over the place. Finding a textured black for the Morph cos for husbando was super easy though. She did all her own accessories and bear rug.