First Worn: WonderCon 2011

I quite like the designs for Lumi, and while flipping through one day I realized I pretty much had all the fabric for this one. Plus Mici (Who is Red Riding Hood here) had done Lumi before so already had the perfect wig, and a stole I could borrow. The blue is leftover lining from my Hotohori coat/cloak/thing, the grey dress was left over from Voldemort’s sash (obviously, I way over bought for that), the grey sheer in the back fluffy bit was left over from my Vilya costume because I hadn’t realized I’d bought grey until I had it against the whites, and the grey collar piece was from a Subaru costume I think. The shoulder thingy is craftfoam and trim, the belt was a terrible monstrosity I found at the thrift store painted up and modified (and never would sit right, augh), and the earring I just plum forgot about. My makeup was done by my lovely twin Miss Molly.