Black Canary


First Worn: WonderCon 2014

I’ve wanted to do Black Canary for a long time, so when my partner decided to be Zatanna I was wracking my brain trying to come up with something that would look good with that, and was originally going to attempt Suit Bruce Wayne (uuuuh yeah because I don’t think it’s physically possible for my to pull off Batman ;_;) but then her fishnet buddy came to me! I went with this Adam Hughes illustration because it looked like the best of both worlds to me, the blue jacket with the high collared leotard. Also it stops before the boots, and I’m really not fond of those weird yellow… rectangles that are usually on the boots of the high collared version.

This is a 100% stash costume! The only thing I had to buy were the fishnets and the coloured tights.

For the jacket I just grabbed the most standard blazer pattern in my stash I could find, and cut it out only to the waist line, then once assembled and fit and so on I decided on a good cropped length and cut and hemmed it to there. I don’t thiiiiink I messed too much with this pattern, seamline wise, though I did end up modifying the lapel and omitting the collar.

For the body suit I picked a pattern from my stash of a princess seamed front closing vest, cut it out a size bigger to account for the amount of padding I was going to be adding, and cut the mockup about 15″ longer than the pattern. Then I literally pinned, cut, and drew on the muslin until it was a body suit instead of a vest. When I cut it from the pleather I still had a lot of fitting issues because pleather moves soooo differently from muslin! But I think it worked out in the end, and I’m pretty happy with it!