Alyss Heart


First Worn: Silicon 2009

The Looking Glass Wars is a fun trilogy based on Alice in Wonderland, and after talking about the book (only the first one was out at the time) with Dany, and her already expressing a desire to do Redd, we decided to do it together! Originally I was going to join her for San Diego Comic Con 2009, but life sent me to India, so her and D rewore their costumes at Silicon, and I made this and Dodge and then Oscar popped by to take some really lovely photos!

This version was based on the fact that she returns to Wonderland in her wedding dress, and then would have ended up in whatever the resistance had. The armbands are also supposed to be an homage to the resistance. My thought was the jacket is Dodge’s, ’cause that’s cute. Later I added a full tattered train and swapped the breeches out for bloomers, but I never got around to getting pictures of that.