First Worn: SiliCon 2005


A friend wanted to do elvish representations of the three rings of power for masq at Silicon and I thought that sounded fun, sooo, we did! I chose Vilya, Elrond’s ring, the ring of air. Basically I mashed all of Elrond’s movie costumes together and then made it in white. With the power of hindsight I see I should have varied my tones more, you really can’t see the details or the hours and hours of embroidery work I put in.

For the mask I wore a circlet thing meant to evoke the ring, and I had a blue gem for my forehead but I think I forgot it… it’s been awhile. Sometime in 2016 AJ took pictures for me since I had none from the con, and that’s what these are. I was having major face fail, so I’d still like to get more pictures of it sometime!