Jareth progress pics

I miss posting!
I still haven’t tried to recover all those photos :/ I need to figure out a dedicated time to try, which is the real problem.

In the meantime, pictures I took on my ipad mini!

That’s the next pic I have unfortunately. The paper taped on the front was so AJ could draw roughly where his weird bone chest piece goes and the size on me.
She also drew the approximate lines on the muslin sleeve, but then we both decided that sleeve head shape wasn’t right. So I ended up using sleeve from Simplicity 2341 afterall, I just cut it in it’s largest size for a bit more fullness at the head.

More after the break!

Because all the stretch velvet is backed with denim, I didn’t want to have all the layers in the armpit and did more muslins to figure out my layering.

I’m not sure why I took this. Maybe to show the curves are slightly different?
Oh wait I remember! Originally I thought the sleeve was a regular sleeve with bias strips making the stripes, but it’s actually scale/petal style. So this is the original sleeve, salvaging what I can (so glad I overbought!).

I cut a regular sleeve out of some plain black I had in my stash, and mounted each layer to that. That little dip there is ’cause this is from the original sleeve.

You can see the slight S curve here, the top is the front side. Though once it’s on, it’s hardly noticeable.

This is the underside of each piece (except the bottom most). Just in case you saw the underside, I wanted it to be pretty!

Getting the vinyl around that S curve was a pain, as such it’s not totally even >.< But, since you can’t tell once it’s on, I guess it doesn’t matter!

Yessss, one side done!

Sewn up (ahaha, this is my instagram pic)

And attached to the jacket!

Plus collar!
I couldn’t really pin this shut without marking up the vinyl, hence wrinkles from it falling open.

Then I made some cuffs. I did them this way because it was the only way I could figure to get the vinyl bias to look right.

Then hand tacking the sleeve lining in!

I sewed all my hook & eyes on during the drive down to Costume College, but didn’t get it completely done because the paint I used on the bone chest piece just wasn’t drying so I couldn’t attach it.
Also! Since I was sewing until the last minute, I didn’t have time to do a makeup test D:
So I did this on the fly, and have already identified all the things that need to be fixed for next time.

Lovely bathroom lighting.
He’s wearing some sort of weird… orangey nude lipstick. I don’t have any nude lipstick, so I tried to replicate it with white lipstick and foundation over that. Which worked the first time, then when I touched it up turned out way too white. Oh well.

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Oh hey! Just found the embed code on instagram 8D;;

That “red carpet” was super scary and intimidating! Not doing that again.
But overall pretty pleased with how this Jareth turned out!
Now to finish it and take some decent photos.

I haven’t touched it since CoCo, doing more work on my house! So hopefully some pictures from that coming soon as well (I know everyone missed pictures of my beets, don’t lie to me).

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