Green/White Regency


First Worn: Spring 2012

This dress was my first Regency period dress and is actually a mockup, it is made out of sheets. But as I worked on it I thought it could turn out quite pretty if I put some effort into it, so I made it with the intention that if it worked out, great, I’d have a dress! And if not, well, it was only sheets. This was made by modifying Simplicity pattern 4055. I altered the shoulder and side seams and added more fullness to the front. Too much fullness for the thicker fabric I was working with, but, mockup. Wig is an Arda in the Elizabeth style. I got it because I knew it would come in by the time I wanted a wig for Bath with my other dress. The curls are really nice and work well for this, but I’m not a huge fan of the bangs, and the harsh transition from bangs to hair.

I ended up making another “country”-esque dress, which brought my total of Regency dresses to four with more planned so I ended up selling this one after Doris took some new pictures of it, right after I’d been on holiday so I have a very modern tanline!