Gallifrey – Shalka Doctor Shoot

Wonder Con was last weekend, so gotta finish up these last few Gally posts! Shalka Doctor! Oscar took fabulous photos 😀

 photo _MG_3146_zps2084b583.jpg 

We weren’t really sure where would be good to take photos.

  photo _MG_3158_zps1ecea918.jpg 

We ended up outside by where the smoking area usually is.

  photo _MG_3169_zps4069b599.jpg 

I like the lights out there.

  photo _MG_3147_zpsa0de9c32.jpg 
 And this wall of… green lighty things.

 photo _MG_3173_zps04c768a9.jpg 

And we tried some hallway action 8D

 photo _MG_3176_zpsf44a7cc8.jpg 

And some Capaldi posing!

  photo _MG_3178_zps371c4a6c.jpg 
Paul Cornell Approved! 😀

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