Gallifrey – Part One

No actual sewing in this post, but part one to my Gallifrey report! Better late than never! ;_; I think I say that every year.

Anyway, I came in on Thursday morning, around 10-10:30 and my room was already ready, which was SO nice. I thought I’d chill in the room and read and just relax like a proper vacation, but ended up only doing that for about 20 minutes or so before Molly texted she was off work. We went and had lunch and then chilled in the room watching Witchblade 8D
And then I went and picked up my badge and we went to dinner~ And trolled the mall and omg when she dropped me back at the hotel the lobby was CRAZY. So crazy I called an immediate retreat and read in my room for about 5 minutes before thinking if I wanted to see anyone I should do it before I was too tired, so I texted some people and went back out. It was SO LOUD we were having to shout in each other’s ears to be heard so I stuck it out about 30 minutes and then seriously, I almost lost my voice (then it was all hoarse on Friday :/).

Anyway! Friday!

I wandered the halls a bit in the morning, determined to actually take pictures this time!
And lo, a Romana!


Then Aimee pinged me when she came in so I went down to help her set up her artiness, which actually was take the Misses R & J on a walkabout.

More pics from the rest of the day~

After the art was set up, we released them from their stroller and let them roam, seriously they never went in the same direction, I don’t know how Aimee does it by herself! People in line for Froggy’s photos were super nice and let us leave the stroller there as a place holder while we chased them about 8D


Aimee dressed both the girls as Rose from Tooth & Claw.


I only caught a pic of one of them, but they both were just not sure what to make of the Dalek.

Then we bought our photo tickets and Aimee took the girls to the room while I went to go see the Radio Free Skaro panel


And then to a panel on “Doctor Who: From Concept to Screen” with mostly Classic Era people, which was really nice.

And then! To The Line, for Billie Piper 😀


Saw this dude and his amazing Clockwork Woman while in line.
Again the stroller held our place while Aimee and I ran in different directions 8D

Billie Piper *loved* the girls! She asked if she could hold one and it was so cute and I was happy to be witnessing their moment as her and Aimee had this mother moment <3


Then my pic! She is just adorable. And sick but smiling and aaaah cute.

After that pic I went and got right back in line for Darvill while Aimee took the girls home.


Awesome War Doctor I saw while in line.


How gorgeous is that?



Though now I know, not that sweater :/ I bought it for River Tam, from the Safe episode, and it’s great for that if I ever get around to doing it, but it’s all big and loose and such, so when it’s a torso shot I look so wide @.@

Also he’s taller than I thought he’d be. Him, Smith, and Gillian look to be around the same height in the show, but maybe I was wearing shoes with a bit of a platform when I met Smith and Gillian…? I don’t remember now. Anyway, Darvill.

After that I wandered and actually took pics!


A cute Rose & Ten I came across when checking out the cos room looking for familiar faces.


Hand in jar.
In jar.
Love it.


Romana I! I love Romana I 😀


A Capaldi & Moment, this may have been taken while in line the the “Travels with the Doctor” panel, which featured basically all the companions that were guests 😀


New Who got a couch to themselves in the corner XD They were actually pretty quiet, but I think that was partly to do with how many people were on.


My favourite couch, this is a typical pic XD Because Katy Manning (WHO I LOVE) is a crazy ball of energy, so this is true to life!


But so is this <3
She’s gorgeous. And Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling’s face of “Oh Katy” is perfection.


Omg I love her & Hines.


I was in like the 3rd row, but because of my angle I couldn’t really get that middle couch, which was Nicola Bryant, Richard Franklin, and John Levene.


Then I stayed for the Colin Baker interview, possibly weird but I love Tony Lee’s shoes….

Anyway, Baker is so gracious and so level headed, I love hearing him speak. He also answered in the affirmative when asked if him, McCoy, and Davison are actually under the sheets in the 50th special.

After that I went out to dinner w/ Molly again, came back to Oscar arrived and Aimee returned and basically chilled. A nice end to Day One!

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