Gallifrey – Jo Grant Shoot

Last Gallifrey post!

The shoot Oscar did with me for Jo 😀 I looooove Jo, even though I don’t think I’m that suited for her, I always love being her.


The rest of the pics after the break!

  photo _MG_3224_zps790757bc.jpg

I don’t really have any commentary on this shoot D: I’ll just ramble in general then.

  photo _MG_3226_zps1da7586b.jpg

I really like the shape of my trousers, and I’m glad the fabric worked out.
As anyone who has watched the commentary knows, Katy’s suit was made out of wool. I’m allergic to wool, but found this faux stuff. Sometimes it looks like fleece… but I think overall it worked out.

  photo _MG_3227_zps0b72c5b4.jpg

So this shoot was after my Katy/UNIT encounter, and my brain had melted, so I really was like “Durp” for photos.

 photo _MG_3229_zpsb7668f70.jpg

Aimee to the rescue!
Photos with friends are always better 😀

 photo _MG_3230_zps6d5a50fa.jpg


 photo _MG_3257_zps2461c99f.jpg


Fun fact, the rings I wear are the same rings I wear for Roberts!Master.

  photo _MG_3260_zps82b717a3.jpg

I’m… really not sure what I’m doing here.

  photo _MG_3262_zpsa58d4892.jpg

Seam lines! Not that you can see them too well, but rest assured, I was well aware of them.

  photo _MG_3265_zps554c41ba.jpg

This might be my Fave 8D
The Doctor’s ladies.

  photo _MG_3266_zps98dc5a56.jpg

“Doctor” pose XD


And I know I posted that one already, but I love it, so you get it again!

/End Gallifrey!

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