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So as I’ve been updating my other blog, it suddenly occurred to me that I might cross-post some of the fashion and costume posts here.

And in related news, I’ve been catching up on my travel posts, and am aaaaalmost done, so then I’ll have more sewing posts to catch up on 😀

When I was in England my friends Katy & X took me to the Fashion and Textile Museum, which had (and maybe still has) a Pop design exhibit.

Absolutely loving this sleeve design, and completely intend on ganking it into something soon.

This dress was from the 60s I believe (I took a picture of the label, but I don’t have it handy) and I really like the seam lines and the flow. I took a lot of pics of it and intend on replicating it.

I have an incredible weakness for stripey jackets ;_;

It’s Jo’s outfit!
Seriously, very similar to the outfit she wore in promo pics.
Not very fond of it on her, but I did really like this outfit.

Alarm clock/radio!
I want it.

The designers name is completely escaping me now. But you may recognize it.
There were a few other dresses I would really like to replicate, and now I think of it I think they were all 60s… but early 60s so they had a bit more of the 50s silhouette.

Basically I went blah blah blah seam lines, I want, stripes, jackets, blah and Katy was wonderful and humoured me.
Then we went nextdoor where X was waiting at the tea shop and yaaay had more tea!

(They had the direct line to my everlasting devotion, historical fashion and tea, together!)

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