December Catch Up!

Just back from San Diego Comic Con, but still playing catchup! So for now, way backtracking! Back to December!

Because Doris took such lovely photos, I can’t NOT share them.

I talked a little about the making of this dress way back when, and I thought I had more posts on it, but I can’t find them and I didn’t tag too well back then. Anyway, it was made with Truly Victorian bustle pattern TV101, TV201 for the underskirt, and TV463 for the bodice. I extended the tails and changed the shape on them a bit, added cuffs, and modified the neckline. All the other skirt layers were just draped, but my original inspiration for the whole outfit was Christine’s “Wishing” dress from Phantom of the Opera.

Anyway, so in December the lot of us went to Dicken’s Faire, and only one person took pics so my pics are the exact same as AJ’s, so in the name of laziness… here’s her post.

Then on the last weekend of December, the GBACG had a Victorian Holiday Tea 😀 I did want to make something new, but… I have forbidden myself from buying fabric until I use up or get rid of more of my stash, and I didn’t have anything on hand that would be suitable for a new Winter Victorian. Instead I made myself a hat to go with my dress 😀

All these lovely pics were taken by Doris!

Except where Doris is in the pic! Then Bunny or I took it.

At the last minute (well, the night before) I sewed some ribbons onto my train and bustled it up. The train is nice, but walking with it! Not so much so.

This was my first hat of this type! I used peltex, which in hindsight wasn’t a great choice. But I think it came out pretty OK.

This is the same skirt Bunny wore to our Summer Victorians shoot, look how different it looks with a different top!

I liked this little archway because I love how different we all look in it.

It just has a totally different tone for each of us!

This hotel has a lot of good locations for pics!

I love all the mirrors everywhere ;_;

Though for some shots I kept getting in the way >.>

The faux candles worked well too!

Posing like a pro!

All that fluffy goodness 8D

And classy too! XD

The tech shot 8D

Me thinking my gown should also be covered in fluffiness…

Total elegance!

And attitude!

I seriously have the loveliest friends! Just wonderful people <3

Close up of the hat! The most important thing for me was to put a bird on it 8D

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