Chemise a la Reine


First Worn: Williamsburg, Summer 2017

When the opportunity came up to visit Williamsburg with AJ and Judy I went with making a Chemise because I already had the fabric set aside for it, and thought it could be made in time fairly easily. I’m not sure the 18th C silhouette suits me, but this is a really comfortable wear.

After reading a bunch of blog posts and diagrams I made a white cotton under structure I’d drafted for an Anglaise I never finished, stitched up three lengths of 60″ wide fabric, pleated the back half onto the under structure and hand tacked everything down. Cut out the sleeve holes and put a drawstring through the front. Then added straps and sleeves. That probably didn’t make any sense.

I’ve since added an additional pintucked hem to it, since somewhere along the lines I had mismeasured and the whole thing turned out too short.